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“In any successful consulting relationship, there are three synchronous elements that must be delivered: experience, integrity and a commitment to achieving measurable results.

A noticeable deficit in any one of these elements will compromise the overall outcome of an engagement and the prospects for a long – term business relationship.”

David P. Schmiege
President & CEO

MDmanagement is committed to providing clients with the three synchronous elements we believe are essential to any successful consulting relationship ….


Founded by David Schmiege in 1984, MDmanagement is comprised of senior-level professionals and those who support them – all focused on healthcare. Our professional staff posses an uncommon level of understanding of the healthcare industry, and are highly attuned to the latest trends and developments. We believe this healthcare focus and experience is required to address the complexity of the issues our clients face.


As an MDmanagement client, you’ll work with highly qualified Partners and staff members who will be active in your engagement from start to finish and who will be available and responsive to your needs. We won’t shy away from providing you with candid advice, and we have the courage to stand by our recommendations.


We are proud of our track record for achieving results above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We produce more than just reports and discussion documents; we provide practical, usable, easily deployable solutions that our clients can implement or that can be implemented with our assistance. We complete our assignments in a timely manner, respecting our clients’ sense of urgency.

Since 1984, the average financial return for our clients has been more than fifteen times our fees in documented financial performance improvement!

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