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Clinical Performance

The Problem

A pediatric group practice with approx. 70,000 annual patient visits was experiencing below normal productivity and revenue collections, poor teamwork and unsatisfactory patient satisfaction scores after the acquisition of (2) other group practices. Over 55% of the patients audited at the front desk had outstanding balances that were not being collected, non-covered services were not being collected in a routine manner, and the business office was averaging 10-11 days to enter a claim. Additionally, patients experienced an average of 2.5 to 3.0 hours of waiting time during the patient care delivery process.

The Solution

In coordination with management, MDmanagement implemented the following performance improvement initiatives:

  • Created a centralized call center;
  • Reorganized patient flow, with the guidance of the physicians, to improve the efficiency of patient examination rooms and staff utilization;
  • Improved skilled labor and productivity at each position through training, education and protocol creation; and
  • Reengineered all front desk operations and implemented protocols for collecting all appropriate fees.

The Results

  • Front desk patient payments increased by 65%
  • Patient volume increased more than 20%
  • Reduced patient check-in and insurance verification process from an average of 13 minutes to approximately 4-5 minutes; and
  • Reduced total patient waiting time from an average of 55 minutes to less than 15 minutes
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