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Direct Mail Campaigns
Delivering Patients

For many years, direct mail has been an important marketing vehicle. Even though many companies have turned to email and Internet marketing, a targeted and well-produced mail campaign can still be highly effective.

  • Before you begin. Make sure your direct mail campaign is tied to the goals you’ve set out in your marketing plan.
  • Define your goals. Develop a campaign tied to a specific objective – for example, the number of responses you need or the number of patients / procedures that you want to generate. Then design your campaign to meet your specific goal.
  • Target your audience. Narrow your audience as much as you can – you’ll be able to speak more directly to your prospective patients with better results. You’ll also save on postage and production.
  • Focus on the offer. Don’t overwhelm your audience with every detail about your practice. Focus on the offer itself – the purpose for the mailing, the call-to-action. For example, if you’re promoting a procedure, explain what problems the procedure will eliminate and why they should schedule an appointment now. Touch on the key benefits, but don’t confuse your message by including every detail about the procedure and the history of your practice.
  • Develop your content, then your creative. First determine how much copy you’ll need, what kind of graphics or photography you’ll include, how to promote the offer, etc. Once you’ve defined the content you’ll need to achieve your goals, start the design process. If you’re working with a design and/or writing team, explain your requirements in a “creative brief” so you’re all on the same page.
  • Tackle the campaign logistics. Make sure you plan how your piece will be folded, stuffed, addressed, stamped, mailed, etc.
  • Test, measure and continually improve. Mail is a terrific media for testing – you can select a random set of patients from your list, send your mailing, measure your response, then tweak the mailing and send it to another subset. You can improve your target list, your call to action, your postcard or envelope design, the copy and the design itself. Commit to continuous improvement and use what you learn in all future campaigns.

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