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Marketing Analytics
Delivering Patients

Marketing analytics comprises the processes that enable physicians to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives (direct mail, newsletters, print ads, community health fairs, etc.) by measuring performance – Return On Investment (ROI). In other words, it tells you how your marketing programs are really performing.

Learn from past marketing campaigns.

By using marketing analytics to review results from past campaigns, you can answer such questions as: Which campaign elements generated the most new consults or PCP referrals? How did print ad campaign #3 perform against direct mail campaign #7? How many new patient consults did we generate from our pay-per-click campaign versus new patient consults from our social media campaign?

Analyzing the present.

Marketing analytics enables you to determine how your marketing campaigns are performing right now by answering questions like: How are our new patient consults finding us? Which marketing campaigns attract the most profitable payer mix to our vein practice?

Predicting the future.

Marketing analytics can provide data-driven assumptions that you can use to develop new marketing campaigns.

The power of MDmanagement’s marketing team brings you all of the tools and expertise you need to promote your practice as a clinical leader in your area.

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