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Social Media Strategy
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You can define social media in many ways. Our definition is simple. Social media is the “online exchange of content and ideas that are meant to be shared.”

For medical practices, social media presents an unprecedented opportunity to share information and to interact with patients. Social media can also be used as a tool to monitor what is being said about a doctor or medical practice in real-time.

What MDmanagement Can Do For Your Medical Practice
Our team has already developed and executed social media strategies for practices & businesses of all sizes, including retail stores, corporate firms and media companies. We’ve also built an entire social network that receives millions of page views per month.

Specifically, our team can do the following:

Establish your brands online:

We can create your accounts on the social networks that are appropriate to your needs. These networks may include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Yelp, FourSquare and others.

Create customized avatars and pages:

We can design avatars and/or pages to match your practice’s existing brand.

Run contests across your social media profiles:

We can create, publicize and run contests for your practice across applicable social networks.

Manage all interactions for you:

We can grow your accounts by managing all interactions including updates, replies and following / liking.

Build a social media dashboard:

We can set up an online dashboard so that you can monitor what people are saying about you or your practice. We’ll also identify the key social media influencers who can serve as your “practice” brand ambassadors.

Provide social media competitive analysis and recommendations:

We can provide data to show how your practice stacks against your competitors in social media. We will then identify opportunities and give you recommendations on how to capitalize on this data.

Provide social media monitoring reports:

We can provide a monthly report to show how your own social media efforts are performing. We will be able to tell you who’s talking about your brand and what individuals or groups you should further engage.

Develop a customized social media policy:

We can develop a social media policy specific to your practice that you can use internally for your employees and to manage your brand externally.

Whatever your social media needs are, MDmanagement can help. Contact us today to so we can put together a Social media campaign that’s right for you.

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