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Web Site Design & Development
Delivering Patients

Online, first impressions make all the difference. Your website needs a clean design, strong organization and great navigation.

When a current or potential patient visits your website for the first time, you want that patient to quickly understand what your practice does, who you are and why you are the best.

What MDmanagement Can Do For Your Practice
Our team has experience in the design and maintenance of  hundreds of websites. We’ve worked on websites of all sizes and kinds, including sites for medical practices, retail stores, online stores, and media companies.

Specifically, our team can do the following:

Design and build your website:

After you tell us who you’re trying to reach and the look you’re going for, we can design and then build your website on the WordPress platform.

Create your own e-commerce site:

We can build a customized e-commerce website that lets your patients pay their bills online.

Integrate social media throughout your site:

We can install applicable widgets so that your patients can easily like, subscribe to and share your content.

Embed photos and videos across your website:

We can feature your own photos and videos across your website. If you need photos and videos created, our multimedia team can produce them for you as well.

Produce original content to boost your SEO:

Our copywriters can create original content that features the right keywords to increase your website’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Teach you how to run your website:

If you prefer. after your site is built, we will provide one-on-one training sessions to show you how to update your website on your own. We will also talk with you about best practices for growing your web site’s audience.

Give you complete control of your website:

Once your site is live, we can hand you the keys and let you make updates whenever you want. You can also give access to all of your team members so they can make updates as well.

Run your website for you:

We can handle everything if you’d rather leave it to us. That way, you can focus on what you do best – running your vein practice.

“Whatever your web design and development needs are, MDmanagement can help. Contact us today to so we can put together a strategy that’s right for you.”

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