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Patient Satisfaction Management
Partnering for Success


Patient satisfaction surveys provide a snapshot of your practice

Despite their pivotal role, physicians and other healthcare providers are infrequently evaluated through the eyes of their patients. MDmanagement provides tested, statistically valid patient satisfaction research that identifies the routine interactions in your practice that have the potential to impact your entire organization.

Measure Key Performace Areas

The survey measures these specific performance areas:

  • Access to services (appointment scheduling, availability, check-in, waiting times, referrals)
  • Staff performance (courtesy, telephone manner, caring concern, professional services)
  • Communication (telephone, explanation of procedures and test results, after-hours contact)
  • Physician performance (time spent listening, answering questions and giving instructions, outcomes)
  • Environment (hours, comfort, parking, signage, access)

The survey also asks for “overall” satisfaction ratings for:

  • Your practice
  • The quality of medical care received

Two open-ended questions for verbatim comments about:

  • Willingness to refer family and friends
  • Suggestions for improving service

MDmanagement can help you measure your success.

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