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Personnel Management Services For Your Medical Practice

Practice Administration / Management Oversight

Physician practices require sound management oversight and accountability of staff to operations. MDmanagement provides multiple levels of Practice Management Oversight based on each practice’s unique needs.

Staff Development & HR Management

Personnel costs can represent the practice’s single highest expense and the greatest factor for practice management success. We review current management and reporting operations, perform task analyses to gauge workflow, division of responsibility and then match tasks to staffing requirements. We can develop personnel policies, educational programs, task-oriented position descriptions, evaluations and establish salary and productivity ranges.

Policies and Procedures / Accountability Controls

Lack of documented policies and procedures linked to staff responsibility and accountability forces staff to ‘rule by exception,’ creating data quality and compliance headaches. To strengthen operations and compliance, we review, develop and refine financial and operational policies and procedures, and establish measures to monitor operational performance.

  • Development /implementation of employee wage scales
  • Development of employee job descriptions
  • Development of Employee Handbook
  • Employee recruitment & retention activities

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