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Office-Based Practices

MDmgmt-officebasedMost new client relationships begin with an in-depth analysis of the practice. We call that a Practice Assessment. You can think of it as a complete history and physical. We will tell you what is working well and what needs to be corrected within your practice. At the completion of the on-site analysis, we will prepare a comprehensive written report of our findings, recommendations and plan for implementation. If you want to develop a valid treatment plan, you have to be able to look past the symptoms and treat the disease. We have the training and experience to recognize the source of the problems.

What separates the MDmanagement process from that of other “consulting firms” is our commitment to the implementation of our recommendations. All too often, we have practices tell us that they had a practice assessment done a few years ago but nothing changed. The proposal sat on the shelf, or at best, a few things were done, but people soon went right back to their old habits and no one was responsible for seeing the projects through to completion. If retained, MDmanagement is committed to implementation of our recommendations.

Hospital-Based Practices

Since 1984, our hospital-based physician clients (Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Pathology and Radiology) have sought advice regarding their frustration of not knowing if their billing company was doing an effective job of billing & collecting for services rendered. Many times, we were asked to recommend a new billing company. Historically, we have been reluctant to recommend third-party billing companies due primarily to the fact that there were only a handful of billing companies that could be relied upon in our service area to fully meet the needs of our clients.

During a strategic planning session in1988, a new division of MDmanagement was created to service the needs of hospital-based physician groups. Our focus is to identify and correct inefficiencies that arise in the performance of fundamental billing and reimbursement activities by your third-party billing company.


Acting independent of your billing company and on a direct reporting basis to our physician clients, we schedule monthly site visits to your billing company to audit the previous month’s billing & collection activities. We investigate not only suspected problems, but also common operational areas that are often overlooked or not thought to be an issue. We ensure that your business practices are effective and financially strong.

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