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Physician Compensation
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Physician Compensation Plan Design and Development

Since 1984, MDmanagement consultants have assisted private group medical practices and physician organizations in the design and development of compensation and incentive plans. We have worked in a variety of settings – from multi-specialty group practices to HMOs to single specialty groups – and we offer our clients direction and advice from a variety of market perspectives.

Our compensation plan designs seamlessly integrate productivity, patient satisfaction and other important data as identified within your group practice. MDmanagement will work with physician management to design a successful physician compensation plan that aligns and rewards desired activities of physicians and mid-level providers, the operational and financial success of your group practice, and most importantly, the well being and overall practice experience of the patient.

Success is achieved due to a thorough understanding of issues facing physician practices, including the importance of a well thought out governance structure, alignment of incentives across the organization, efficient overhead use, and physician compensation objectives.

Our approach to physician compensation models is structured to gain the acceptance of key physician leaders and to ensure that we have evaluated all of the viable options related to your provider’s specific needs.

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