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Practice Governance
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One of the most critical issues that the multi-site medical group faces is the ability to effectively lead and govern itself. As with every organization, strong and effective leadership and governance is the key to long-term success.

The development of physician leadership within the traditional medical group can be done through a collegial process. That is, observation and development of leaders through a mentoring and/or peer identification process. Current physician leaders can be encouraged to work with and help develop newer physicians so that they may assume leadership roles over time. Through encouragement to participate in committee work, new physicians can be incorporated into a structure that helps develop those with an interest in leading the group.

Selection of leadership within the traditional or any medical group should focus on those individuals:

  • Who are willing to serve
  • Who have the ability to meet the time requirements
  • Who have the capacity for attention to the organization
  • Who are able to function in a group
  • Who are objective
  • Who possess good communication skills
  • Who have an absence of a serious conflict of interest
  • Who have an ideology and values consistent with those of the organization
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