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Management On Request

MANAGEMENT ON REQUEST (MOR) is an on-going advisory relationship that is customized to provide the level of support and attention that is appropriate for your medical practice. A monthly retainer covers most practice management and marketing services offered by MDmanagement but for a fee that only reflects the actual hours requested. This is an advisory program that is entirely off-site via conference call. On-site services are available upon request.

There is no “one size fits all” business model when it comes to medical practice management because the needs of every medical practice are different. Some clients want us to answer random practice management or marketing questions while others want us to get deeply involved in clinical and administrative strategic planning. Our primary interest is in developing a solid, long-term relationship with our clients.

All clients, regardless of size, receive 40 hours per week of coverage and availability. In other words, you’ll have a team of VSA practice management consultants available whenever you need them, even if your actual usage is only a couple of hours per month. And you’ll only pay for the services that you need. We do require a minimum monthly usage fee per the schedule below.

First Steps

Our relationship begins with an introductory phone call and a complimentary, no-obligation, get acquainted discussion where we determine the style and scope of your project. You will be required to complete a MDmanagement practice management questionnaire, prior to our discussion, to provide MDmanagement with additional information on the day-to-day operation of your medical practice.

Option #1
Basic Level
$ 595.00 per month
Option #2
Advanced Level
$ 995.00 per month
Option #3
Comprehensive Level
$ 1,295.00 per month
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