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Strategic Planning Retreats
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“We’re not sure that our governance and buy-sell plans work anymore”

“The partners just don’t see eye-to-eye about the direction of the practice”

“Dr. Smith is cutting back his hours and choosing a new Managing 
Partner for our medical practice is a concern”

MDmanagement believes that the key to effective strategic planning is the ability to focus on asking the right questions, collecting pertinent information, and formulating valid assumptions relating to current and emerging trends within your medical practice.


There are several types of retreats, each with different purposes


  • Leadership Development Retreat. Your administrative and clinical Team Leaders will learn to implement an original and time proven process for conflict resolution, negotiation, and collaborative problem solving, so they can “take a step forward” together.


  • Decision-making Retreat. If your group practice needs assistance in bringing together key parties to reach an important strategic decision, we can efficiently and effectively facilitate your retreat to enable you to organizationally take a step forward.


  • Building Effective Collaborative Relationships. If your group practice is facing a significant obstacle or a conflict in moving forward, you may bring together key members of your group practice in a productive setting providing an educational and entertaining facilitator or speaker on a topic of mutual interest.


Putting Together Your Retreat Plan. We will work together with you to design a retreat based on the audience involved and their distinct purposes for participating in the meeting. MDmanagement works with you to customize the retreat plan to the unique circumstances, timeframe, and goals of those participating in the event.

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