Mission & Values


MDmanagement has adopted the following philosophy to guide our decisions and actions.

MDmanagement is committed to:

  • Responding to our clients’ needs with innovative solutions
  • Continuing to enhance our national reputation as a premier practice management and advisory consulting firm in the healthcare industry
  • Treating our clients and our staff with integrity, honesty, and fairness
  • Encouraging creative problem-solving and independent thinking in developing effective solutions to unique client situations
  • Developing long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and our ability to demonstrate “value-added” in our consulting engagements


Key Principles Guide MDmanagement

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we lead our personal lives
  • Create collaborative and mutually empowering relationships between and among MDmanagement consulting executives and key client shareholders
  • Adhere to sound business principles; NEVER trade short term gain for long term loss
  • Produce the highest quality work, even in small engagements
  • Treat our competitors the same way that we would wish to be treated by them
  • Create an environment where MDmanagement is viewed as the best company to work for in the physician practice management industry

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