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e-Learning. We provide a large library of compatible online training courses for key OSHA healthcare safety, HIPAA Privacy & Security, EEO and harassment prevention, and other governmental compliance regulations. We also offer business skills training courses that can improve employee productivity and professional skills. These interactive, self-paced courses are available on demand for staff when their busy work schedules permit. All courses are mobile compatible and include audio narration, interactivities, knowledge checks and a final assessment. Learners receive a certificate of completion when they pass each course.

  • OSHA Training. Healthcare is responsible for more injured workers annually than any other sector. With hazards like bloodborne pathogens, chemical exposure and radioactive materials, it’s no wonder why. Our online OSHA training is designed to provide your staff with the proper knowledge and skills regarding safety and health. This bundle includes the following courses:
    1. Back Care / Ergonomics
    2. Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare Workers
    3. Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
    4. Hazard Communication for Healthcare
    5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Healthcare Workers
  • HIPAA Compliance Certification. HIPAA, enacted in 1996, stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is meant to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery. This Act reduces health care fraud and abuse, is responsible for health care information and electronic billing standards and requires confidentiality and protection of individuals’ health information. Additionally, there are HIPAA rules in place regarding the disclosure of legitimate need-to-know information. Learning what those rules are and when they apply is critical when working in the healthcare industry.

    HIPAA requires medical practices to train new employees to be HIPAA certified upon hire. However, compliance doesn’t stop at initial HIPAA training certification, so it’s important in your practice to make sure employees have a working knowledge of how HIPAA applies to their day-to-day job at all times. In this technological age, with communication methods constantly evolving, it’s easy to forget who is obligated to maintain confidentiality and what kind of information requires privacy.
  • Human Resources Training. Promoting a workplace free of harassment and discrimination can pay dividends to all organizations. Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and a harmonious work environment are just some of the benefits of a respectful, harassment free workplace. In addition to strengthening professional relationships, once employees are aware of the situations that can cause harm to their colleagues, then they will become more aware of their own actions.
    Providing your employees training on the key sexual harassment prevention, harassment and discrimination prevention, and ethics in the workplace topics will increase the awareness of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace. It sends a message to all your staff that your organization prioritizes a harassment and discriminatory free workplace.
  • Medicare and Corporate Compliance. Abiding by the laws and regulations behind corporate compliance is a crucial part of any practice’s success. Our courses give your staff the knowledge and tools to comply with compliance law and can save your practice money from potential fines. From the False Claims Act to the Stark Law, our corporate compliance training covers important laws that protect federal health plans from fraud and abuse. Along with explaining anti-corruption laws, we also inform your staff on how to recognize and handle situations that could breach corporate compliance.
  • Business Skills Training. Designed to give your employees the power and knowledge necessary for success in today’s competitive work environment. The courses are here to help your team be proficient and productive. From interviewing to performance management, we cover all the essentials your employees need. Get ready for leadership and interpersonal skills that will increase your team’s productivity, improve patient and employee satisfaction and improve stability in your workforce.


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