Operational Efficiency

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MDmanagement will assist with:

  • Appointment / Procedure Scheduling. We will take a look at the current scheduling template and review for changes that may increase throughput, as well as provider and patient satisfaction.
  • Staffing Analysis. Our on-site evaluation enables us to monitor your staff in their working environment. We identify the low performance areas and recommend changes to allow your staff to meet their daily goals. We evaluate the entire flow process of your practice, from the initial phone call that sets in motion the arrival of your patient, to the ongoing relationship your staff maintains with the patient.
  • Patient Experience. We will review processes that measures a patient’s experience as the following staff interactions occur …
    1. Initial phone contact / appointment scheduling
    2. Consultation with US tech
    3. Consultation with Physician
    4. Insurance pre-cert and cost explanation
    5. Patient education on expectations / procedures / results
  • Revenue Cycle Dashboard. The right business dashboard will give you a clear picture of your practice at any moment, with real-time metrics, cash flow projections, productivity reports, and KPIs (key performance indicators). You'll see at a glance the areas which are most important to you.
  • Clinical Accountability Program. Easily track data such as patient engagement, patient outcome tracking, and clinical metrics to ensure your practice is providing the highest standard of care.
  • Human Resources Compliance. Update your employee handbook, employee hiring paperwork, job descriptions, and policies & procedures binder to make sure they’re in compliance with your needs as well as with government regulations. Ensure all HIPAA Training, Safety Training and OSHA Training are regularly scheduled and performed.
  • Compensation & Benefits. Establish wage scales by position; automate time management and record keeping; simplify payroll and human resource functions; and perform benefits analysis and workforce financial analysis to make your team even more successful.
  • Organizational Leadership. Get advice on job function training programs and reorganization initiatives. Inspire confidence in your staff.
  • Employee Engagement. Increase employee engagement - motivate staff to do their best work and support a positive workplace environment


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