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MDmanagement has been helping physicians and hospitals establish, integrate and manage practices more efficiently and profitably since 1984. Our client-retention rate is consistently one of the highest in the industry and growth has been largely due to client referrals and word of mouth…proof that high-quality, highly professional, personalized service leads to successful long-term relationships.

Our operational model is to partner with physicians and their existing management team to assist in the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient, medical care by focusing on the time-consuming and complex administrative functions that distract from clinical practice imperatives. Our management solutions are flexible and individually designed to address each client’s specific needs.

After plus years of superior outcomes demonstrated in operational efficiencies and growth in revenue streams, our total number of retained client engagements now exceeds 1700 engagements. With a collaborative team effort of physician leadership and MDmanagement, our clients have experienced increased revenues, decreased expenses, and greater profitability without the daily concerns of office operations management.

Since 1984, the average financial return for our turnaround management clients has been more than fifteen times our fees in documented financial performance improvement!

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