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Developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy is a key part of growing a successful medical practice.

MDmanagement has the industry knowledge and seasoned consultants to help you design and run highly effective marketing and branding campaigns that deliver your message and drive new patients to your practice.

By partnering with MDmanagement, you gain access to a topnotch creative design and marketing team. Each practice campaign is uniquely crafted to your practice and your competitive marketplace.

This engagement begins with market research of your practice demographics and an in depth review of media opportunities in your area. A customized media plan is then developed for your practice in accordance with your budget and brand-driven ads are developed for your practice from our professionally designed library of medical speciality-specific advertising concepts.

The MDmanagement marketing team then provides all of the ongoing media research, media contact, ad placement, professional ad production, and cost-per-lead analysis that a market leading medical practice requires.

We also offer cost-effective solutions for all of your collateral material and print marketing needs. The power of MDmanagement marketing staff brings you all of the tools and expertise you need to promote your medical practice as a uniquely branded entity in your area.

  • Market Analysis: MDmanagement will help you understand the primary demographics of your marketplace to allow you to conduct highly targeted, cost-efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Quarterly Media Planning: Let MDmanagement set up your ongoing marketing strategy to run smoothly month after month, giving you consistent market exposure to continuously drive new patients to your practice.
  • Ongoing Media Research & Plan Implementation: By constantly monitoring the media outlets in your area, MDmanagement can help you take advantage of special pricing that comes from being a regular buyer in your marketplace.
  • New Patient Call Tracking & Cost-Per-Lead Analysis: Measure your success to identify your most favorable marketing outlets; use real numbers to show you where to continue placing your marketing dollars.
  • Professionally Designed Creative Concepts: As an MDmanagement client, you gain access to a professionally designed library of medical specialty-specific advertising concepts that will make your practice stand out, branding you as an industry leader in your marketplace
  • Professional Ad Production for Print Ads: MDmanagement knows all the ins and outs of print ad production; we take your concept and marketing message, brand it consistently with your other marketing, and produce copy ready to go for print media outlets.
  • Marketing Materials: You’ve got to have the proper brochures, handouts and direct mail materials to help drive patient interest to your practice. MDmanagement has all of the capabilities to help you create and design winning marketing campaigns … all consistent with your message and brand.
  • Website Analytics: In order to effectively utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media capabilities, MDmanagement will generate monthly reports analyzing your website traffic.
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